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LEESON is a leading designer and manufacturer of application-specific AC and DC motors and gearmotors. Often, this involves collaboration among our application, design and production engineers, and our customer’s product engineers. Our interactive Design Center at our Grafton, Wisconsin headquarters is ideally suited for this purpose. What you see below is a small sampling of the thousands of custom solutions LEESON has produced over the years. Quick-turnaround stock motor modifications are available through the LEESON Mod-Squad™.
Low-voltage DC traction drive gearmotor for a disabled mobility vehicle. Tru-Torq low voltage DC motor with special mounting bracket and screw shaft.
Tru-Torq SCR-rated DC motor with quick connect and special flange mount.
Low-voltage DC NEMA 56 C face brakemotor with manual brake release.
Construction industry motor with on/off switch, "low-high" voltage change feature and water pump power supply connection. DC SCR rated motor with spline shaft, needle bearings, and one-half of gear pump for airless spray equipment.
Special DC SCR rated motor with hollow, tapered and threaded shaft and chemically resistant paint finish for laboratory pumping equipment.
Metric flanged (B14) motor for close-coupling of European gear reducer.
Partial hoist drive motor with special diameter rabbet and slotted shaft. Parallel-shaft low voltage DC gearmotor with threaded shaft for portable reverse-osmosis water-purification systems.
Woodworking machinery motor with built-in power supply cord and on/off switch.
Time-rated, maximum HP, three phase hydraulic pump motor with close-coupled mounting of the pump



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